Video Marketing for Publishers: How, Whether, When?

social media video streaming platform marketing Meerkat Periscope book publishersVideo may have killed the radio star, but its impact on the book world is still buffering.

Book trailers are by now a familiar if limited presence in the marketing landscape. And while some publishers have built video into their marketing and content offerings, those experiments are still in their early days.

So what are publishers to make of Meerkat and Periscope, the new video streaming platforms that recently arrived on the scene?

“In some ways,” marketing expert Murray Izenwasser acknowledges, “the two apps are game-changers in the social media landscape,” particularly as the mobile shift intensifies.

But Izenwasser says one rule of thumb still holds true for marketers no matter what new technology comes along: “It’s better to do one platform really, really well…than to do multiple platforms poorly.”

Much more.

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Video Is an Omnivore’s Delight (Safari)
Weighing in on the recent news that LinkedIn plans to acquire the video training site, Safari explains that its own digital content strategy is built around the finding that the vast majority of video consumers aren’t exclusive to the format. In this view, the most successful publishers will be those that meaningfully curate content in a range of different forms of media, including video.

Associated Press Launches Ebook Line (Pub Lunch)
Partnering with Mango Media, the Associated Press rolls out a new line of ebooks and paperbacks culled from archival content. Called “AP Editions,” the venture is intended to offer “well-curated, high-quality, multiformat books [for] new generations of readers.”

Amazon Sues Bogus Reviewers (GeekWire)
Amazon has long played whack-a-mole against mischievous users peddling four- and five-star reviews to authors and publishers looking to give their titles an artificial boost. Now it’s taking the first of those folks to court.

How to Reform a Pirate (Futurebook)
BitTorrent first made its name amid a flurry of denunciations for putting wind into the sails of what many content creators viewed as practitioners of digital piracy. But some authors are now leveraging the platform to bring their work to readers, especially complex illustrated titles like digital comics. As one publisher puts it, “Nowadays, people are willing to pay good money for good content. We just need to find new ways to deliver it.”

Amazon, Facebook, Apple Google: Place Your Bets (Forbes)
One analyst foresees Apple and Facebook making out better over the course of the next five to ten years than Amazon and Google. This sort of long-term divination is often a vain effort, but the four-way comparison here makes for an intriguing reflection on the ways the digital economy might continue to evolve.

Russia Says “Nyet” to Kindle Paperwhite (Ink, Bits Pixels)
Russian authorities appear to be blocking the importation of Kindle Paperwhites by requiring a special license. Since other Kindle models are permitted to be shipped into Russia, some observers speculate the Paperwhite’s encryption DRM system is the likely culprit.

China Puts Pressure on Publishers (Radio Free Asia)
The Chinese government moves to tighten its control over Sino United Publishing, a conglomerate that includes a several book publishers, distributors and retailers based in Hong Kong. Widely seen as a response to democracy protests that swept the semi-autonomous region last summer, the move coincides with a rise in the rate of press crackdowns and a narrowing of access to digital media in China under President Xi Jinping.
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Dutch Ebook Sales Creep up (Telecompaper)
The ebook market in the Netherlands is admittedly minuscule, but it’s alive and growing. Emerging market watchers may be heartened to learn that ebooks rose from 4% to 5.2% of book sales in the first quarter of 2015 since the same period last year, according to one recent estimate.

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